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About us

Zamorin Global is an Artificial Intelligence driven product based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. Zamorin Global is working on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Zamorin Global revolutionize industries using AI visual inspection designed to manage data, analyze with dashboard and scale deployment. Our vision is to become the world leader in Computer Vision Technology within 5 years.

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How it Works

Computer vision is revolutionizing manufacturing, making it more intelligent, productive, and efficient while emphasizing employee safety.

Face Recognitation

An extensive computer vision developer toolset powering a wide range of face recognition applications, Iva face recognition SDKs and APIs enable comprehensive security and frictionless experiences. Containerised module deployable in the cloud, on-premises, or at the Edge


Face Detection Face

Face Verification 1:1

Face Identification 1:N

Profile Face Matching

People Detection

Prebuilt modules to detect, track people detection faster and accurately. This also includes activity monitoring, and rule based perimeter monitoring as well.
Generalised SDK/cloud end points will be helpfull for easy integration with any ind of application


People Counter

People Activity Monitor

People Tracker

Perimeter Zone Monitor

Vehicle Detection

Prebuilt modules to detect, track vehicle, read number plate and more. Applications in this domain usually require less server costs and easy installation. Accuracy of this sytem is up to human level when chance of false prediction is almost null.


Vehicle Counter, Tracker

License Plate Detector

Vehicle Direction Detector

Perimeter Zone Monitor

Industrial Safety

The system can be integrated with existing CCTV cameras, which can monitor designated areas, identify PPEs, and give alerts in the absence of required PPE.One step intallation by connecting I cameras to the API. SDK and training apis helps to train custom PPEs


PPE Detection & Monitoring

Rule Based Perimeter Zone

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance refers to the use of data-driven, proactive maintenance methods that are designed to analyse the condition of equipment and help predict when maintenance should be performed. Here we understand the failure conditions, track the anomalies and manage the production on the basis of Real-Time demand.

Visual Quality Inspection

Algorithms analyse the data gathered by the cameras and sensors to create defect and measurements reports.

Safety And Compliances

Detect and immediately flag all unsafe behaviours or safety hazards (fire, smoke, spills, vandalism, contamination risks, etc.

Automatic Product Defect Detection

Identifies production defects in Real-Time, Object Character Recognition, Object Orientation, Deformity Detection, Automatic Inspection System.

Face Recognition & Behaviour Analytics

Facial recognition is a technology which uses biometric markers to detect the identity of individuals. This system can be used to record and track facial expressions analyse behavioural patterns.

Queue Management System

The Queue Management system is an automated system designed using Artificial intelligence, Queue management system is majorly used to manage interactions with the customers, To sum up Queue Management is an AI-powered intelligent system which helps in managing the Queues. The model shows what is happening to an entire public, in real-time. It generates information on queue lengths and waiting time, as well as people flow rates, processing times, as well as asset management and usage Processes live video input from commercial off the shelf cameras and CCTV which detects pedestrian movements automatically using practical artificial intelligence techniques.


Computer vision is revolutionizing manufacturing, making it more intelligent, productive, and efficient while emphasizing employee safety.


Supermarkets & Retail

Bank Queue Management

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